Technology Assessment

Every $1 spent on Pro-active maintenance saves $5 spent on Reactive Maintenance

Small businesses across all industries are looking to Daily Computing Solutions to help assess and accelerate their IT environment and provide solutions to maximize the usage and value from their technology investments.

Daily Computing Solutions uses a detailed step by step approach to assess, evaluate, and document every aspect of your IT environment.  After we document your existing environment, we spend time with our network engineer to devise the most cost effective solution to make your technology work for you!

During our documentation process, we will conduct interviews with key management and IT staff.  Discovery interviews are used to help us understand the daily struggles your staff is experiencing.  Typically, these interviews can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the complexity of the issues.

Daily Computing Solutions, once complete, will present their findings to the client.  The findings will include a list of identified areas of focus, a list of identified bottlenecks, a road map to reach the business objectives and goals you have in place for your business.

Daily Computing Solutions strives to become a partner for your existing and future technology planning and success.

Our Managed Backup Solution Includes


84% of small businesses use consumer grade products in their small business; causing major security issues.


We will evaluate and identify areas of focus to help your business stay functioning.

Partner in Business

Not only do we identify your areas of focus, but we provide detailed solutions that will help maximize return on your technology investments.

Evaluate your technology stack today!

Let us evaluate your current technology stack and help maximize return on your IT investments.