Virtual CIO

Virtual CIOs are experts at using technology and business in synchronous ways to help protect your business, improve your processes, and support your efforts in growing your company

The Daily Computing Solutions IT Consulting / Virtual CIO Department provides a senior executive that serves as the Virtual Chief Information Officer for small businesses all over Los Angeles.  The role of the CIO is to provide and enable technology solutions to help enable your business organizational technology goals.

Daily Computing Solutions will be that partner in your business that can provide advice, leadership, and direction to maximize the value of your IT infrastructure. Our recommendations directly align with your business plans and expansion goals.

Daily Computing Solutions' Virtual CIO will formulate a plan using thought provoking and forward looking questions, such as:

  • What are your expansions goals in the next 6 months, 12 months, and 36 months, and 60 months?
  • Is there industry compliance regulations that are changing?
  • What warranty or support agreements are nearing retirement age?
  • How efficient is existing hardware?
  • What is the retirement / replacement plan for existing hardware?

The benefit? Your business will have the benefit of someone that brings over 20 years of of experience with businesses and a vast array of IT Environments directly to your business without the liability of having to pay for a full-time senior IT Executive.

How is Daily Computing Solutions different?
As a Managed Service Provider, we are not your typical IT Consulting Company.  We understand business.  We provide forward-thinking consulting focused on maximizing and leveraging technology to increase business profitability and performance.

Our Virtual CIO Services Include

Experts at your fingertips

Your technology roadmap should be drawn by IT exports so you can achieve your business objectives

Technology Budgeting

Your vCIO is your partner in keeping costs under budget and providing the technology your business needs to continue to grow.

Improved Security

Equipping small businesses with a roadmap for risk mitigation and cybersecurity planning is exactly what your business ordered.

Hire a CIO, for a fraction of the price

Ensure your business is prepared for future growth. With our Virtual CIO services, we ensure your technology goals meet your business goals