Server Management

We Keep Things Running Smoothly

Behind every business is a powerful network of servers that securely store and serve your data, send and receive emails, host databases, and much much more. Ensuring your server is up to date and secure to protect your business from external and internal threats is key in any business. Daily Computing Solutions offers full server management for Windows and Linux platforms.

According to Shodan, some 200,000 systems are still vulnerable to the latest, largest breach: Heartbleed. Vulnerable servers lead to down time and security concerns and can result in a loss or damage of important business files.

By staying proactive and not reactive, we fix any potential problems that may arise so your business is running smoothly 24×7. Whether its faulty hardware or a misconfiguration, sleep easy at night knowing that we’re on top of it.

With Daily Computing Solutions’ server management plans, we take care of both your physical and virtual hardware, in house or in the cloud.

Mismanagement of your backbone can lead to productivity loss, data loss, or worse – business loss.

server management

Installation and Upgrades

We manage the actual hardware infrastructure so you don’t have to

Maintenance and Monitoring

Our managed services include 24/7 monitoring of your hardware and software components of your servers. Learn more here

server management
server management

Active Directory / User Profile Management

All of your user profiles and objects in your network, properly configured and ready to go

Domain Controller Management

Secure and up to date on standards, we’ll ensure that your authentication endpoint is configured properly and has redundancy in case of failure

server management
server management

Disk and Storage Management

We monitor and backup your disks to ensure that you have the proper storage requirements to run your business


All updates, services packs, patches, and hot fixes are delivered and installed by our smart-agents, keeping you up to date and safe

server management
server management


We’ll manage your migration; whether it be to the cloud, a new environment, or upgraded network setups.

Let Daily Computing Solutions be your guide! We’ll work with you to ensure you have the proper backbone set up. We offer a wide range of in-house and cloud solutions to satisfy all of your needs.